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We are a small – but growing – historical society in Burke, Virginia, composed of people with an interest in preserving the area’s history – history of its people, its places, and its personalities. The Society’s members are young and old, long-term residents and new imports to the community, professional and amateur historians, and people who just like to get together and learn something about history.


We invite all who are interested in learning, sharing, and preserving the history of Burke, Virginia to become part of our large Burke Family and look forward to hearing from you.


We welcome you to enjoy our Society through our website, but encourage you to come out and participate at our monthly meetings and special events.

burke historical society

Donate to the Burke Historical Society! Our good work takes funding, and we welcome donations large and small.

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Upcoming Events

Join us for these informative seminars & events for members and non-members.

  • 29

    Sep, 19

  • General Meeting: Stories of WWII Veterans

    6450 Sydenstricker Road
    Burke, VA 22015 United States

    September 29 @ 3:30 am - 4:30 pm

    Kayleen Reusser, author of several books documenting interviews with World War II veterans, discusses her travels in Europe tracing the war


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