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The Story of Ravensworth

Historian John Browne speaks to Burke Historical Society.

Burke Connection

Last Sunday, March 31, the Burke Historical Society hosted historian John Browne at the Pohick Regional Library where he spoke to about 50 guests about his new book, The Story of Ravensworth – from the period of 1685 to the Civil War.

“It fascinated me that my home was inside a vast Colonial Plantation and I wondered how 24,000 acres dissolved down to one quarter of an acre…so I decided I wanted to know more about it. How did it dissolve all the way down to that? It seemed to be a fascinating question and I started digging into it,” said Browne, who grew up on a dairy farm in New York, served in the U.S. Navy, and worked for 30 years with the Department of the Navy. (read more)

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