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Dedicated to the History of Burke, Virginia | P.O. Box 243 Burke, VA 22009

Burke’s “Little Post Office”

The current post office for Burke opened in 1989 but the history of postal service and post offices in Burke goes back over 150 years beginning in 1852 with the appointment of John A. Marshall as postmaster of what was then Burke’s Station. The history continued through 1903 when the name was changed to Burke to 1972 when the Burke post office became a branch of Springfield to today.

Over the years the post office was located in a wide variety of buildings (generally provided by the Postmasters), sometimes in the depot, sometimes in separate buildings, and often in stores.   The Post Office usually announced, with varying degrees of precision, when an office changed its location.  On the grounds of Sunrise at Silas Burke House on Burke Lake Road stands a small white building that is part of that long history.  This small building, that has survived three moves in its lifetime, served for many years as the Burke Post Office.

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Burke in the War of 1812 – The Coffer Brothers Dash to D.C.

Burke was rural and sparsely populated in the early 19th century. The 1810 Federal Census counted only 13,111 people in the entirety of Fairfax County.  “Burke” was part of the Providence District; the “Burke” name was still decades away. The Coffer family settled in Burke through a 378 acre land grant to Francis Coffer in 1728. Much of this land is now in Burke Centre’s Woods and Ponds neighborhoods. Thomas Coffer (born 1773, died abt. 1862) and his brother Francis Coffer (born 1784, died abt. 1863), were the great-grandsons of Francis Coffer. These Coffer brothers were born too late for the American Revolution, but served their country in the less remembered War of 1812.

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